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About us

Zaufanah was established in 1998 by Vincenzo, who turned a hobby into a small family business, headed by Elena, who has been an avid beekeeper since childhood. Our community of buzzing bees and enthusiastic humans produces a line of top-quality products, aiming to meet the needs of the most demanding experts... 

What began with an unimpressive number of bee colonies soon grew into a well-known local business; nevertheless, Zaufanah Miele has remained true to its mission: produce quality honey and raise awareness on the issues that threaten the livelihood of bees.

A proposito del nostro miele...

Il nostro miele viene prodotto e confezionato seguendo la tradizione. Vi offriamo un miele grezzo e naturale, non pastorizzato. La pastorizzazione, infatti, altera il miele e le sue proprietà benefiche e organolettiche. 

Per questa ragione, il miele prodotto da Zaufanah è soggetto a naturale cristallizzazione ed è privo di aromi. 

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