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But where can you find us?

For years we have been buzzing around the country, and especially in Sicily, at various events, including and especially in collaboration with the Associazione Delfare.

Below is a list of events you can take part in if you wish to meet us and taste our 100% Sicilian honey:

Natale ai Minoriti e Fatto a Mano ai Minoriti: 

In the splendid setting of the Cloister of the Minoriti Palace (kindly granted for use by the Metropolitan City of Catania), the Associazione Delfare has been organizing "Christmas at Minoriti - Artistic Craft Shop" since 2014.

The initiative aims to offer local artisanal products to the many visitors through the exhibition of works of art made of wood, clay and stone from Etna, artistic ceramics, raku ceramics, ceramic lava stone, household items, embroidery, paintings, glass mosaics, handmade carpets made with the typical webbing of Sicilian handicrafts, honey and typical food.

Mercati Contadini Siciliani

Organized by Confagricoltura, Codacons Sicilia and Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori Sicilia, the Sicilian farmers' markets are held every Sunday morning at Sant'Agata Li Battiati (Largo Livatino-square in front of City Hall) and Catania (Piazza Aldo Moro, 4)


Moreover, Zaufanah Miele was awarded the Quality Prize in 2018 at the Golositalia Fair, which is held annually in Montichiari and presents Italy's leading food and wine companies to the public.

miele zaufanah siciliano sicilia puro
miele zaufanah siciliano sicilia puro
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